The Hospital for Sick Children
SickKids was the the birth place of the BedsidePEWS and is the clinical home of its founders and many of the healthcare professionals who helped shape the documentation record and score matched care recommendations.  SickKids was the first hospital to participate in the EPOCH trial as a control hospital.  SickKids launched BedsidePEWS on October 20, 2014 in the Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit. They have completed a phased approach to implementation and are rolling out BedsidePEWS to the remaining units in the hospital.  With great success, excitement, and empowerment, the clinical team at SickKids have embraced BedsidePEWS to the fullest.

The program is completed and maintained with 4 phases of of implementation: Planning, Education, Go Live, and Sustainability. Each phase or component carries equal weight and importance when embedding the system of care into routine practice.

SickKids hosted the 2nd International BedsidePEWS day, where champions from the Bone Marrow Transplant unit, the ICU and Center for Nursing joined the list of international presenters at the podium.

Intelliware, founded in 1990, is a broadly experienced, highly accomplished, software development company.  We are proud to acknowledge our close and ongoing development partnership.  Together with the BCS development team, Intelliware helped operationalize the RISQ-framework and related revisions to the electronic BedsidePEWS application.  We look forward to continuing our collaboration with this talented, motivated team.

Centre of Safety Research (CSR)
The CSR team is the science engine powering the research and research collaborations that underpin current and future BCS products.

The CSR conducted the Heart and Stroke Foundation funded initial development and multicentre validation studies of the BedsidePEWS score and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care funded the clinical implementation study.  The team is working with collaborators in selected partner hospitals to complete more focused before and after studies of BedsidePEWS and new applications of BedsidePEWS.  The CSR is running the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Funded EPOCH Trial.

Other International Partner Hospitals

  1. Canada:
  2. Italy:
    • Rome Bambino Gesu Hospital
    • Ospedale Padiatico Bambino Gesu, Palidoro
    • Ospedale Padiatico Bambino Gesu, Marinella
    • Ospedali Pugliese-Ciaccio, Catanzaro
    • Azienda Ospedaliera San Carlo, Potenza
    • Presidio Ospedaliero San Vincenzo, Taormina
  3. United States:
  4. United Kingdom:
    • Royal Brompton Hospital
    • Royal London Hospital Barts Health
    • Saint Mary’s Imperial College
    • King’s College Hospital
    • Whipps Cross University Hospital
    • Newham University Hospital Barts Health
    • Princess Royal University Hospital
  5. New Zealand: Kidz First, Middlemore Hospital, Auckland
  6. India: GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


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