About Us

Our Mission: To provide workflow integrated decision-support that improves healthcare processes and outcomes.

Our Vision: Efficient, effective healthcare achieved through the synergistic application of evidence and expertise.

Bedside Clinical Systems (BCS) facilitates the deployment of innovations in healthcare supporting clinicians in providing safer and more effective care.  BCS was formed out of a partnership between The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and MaRS Innovation with a focus on translating and deploying best practices developed out of decades of research at SickKids and The University of Toronto.

Our Foundational Principles
Our products begin at the bedside to make care easier for healthcare professionals to provide and result in better outcomes for patients. BCS creates workflow-integrated clinical decision support systems – grounded by scientific evidence, carefully operationalized for healthcare professionals, supported and enabled by flexible and highly structured implementation programs.

We are a company about people.  Our work is for people. Our skill and focus is to provide meaningful decision support. Like our clients, we care.

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